Re: where is option to turn caps lock as nvda key?

Tyler Spivey

12.1.8. Keyboard (NVDA+control+k)
The Keyboard category in the NVDA Settings dialog contains options that set how NVDA behaves as you use and type on your keyboard. This settings category contains the following options:
Keyboard layout
This combo box lets you choose what type of keyboard layout NVDA should use. Currently the two that come with NVDA are Desktop and Laptop.
Select NVDA Modifier Keys
The checkboxes in this list control what keys can be used as NVDA modifier keys. The following keys are available to choose from:
• The Caps Lock key
• The insert key on the number pad
• The extended insert key (usually found above the arrow keys, near home and end)
If no key is chosen as the NVDA key it may be impossible to access certain NVDA commands. Therefore, The NVDA settings dialog will display an error message if all keys are unselected when pressing Ok or Apply. After dismissing the error message, you must select at least one before being able to press Ok to dismiss the dialog properly.

On 7/28/2021 7:40 AM, tony via wrote:
Sorry, seems first line got chopped, I was trying to find where to find out where to add second nvda key ie caps lock
On 7/28/2021 10:32, tony via wrote:
can't seem to find it
thank you

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