Re: Problem with NVDA Verbosity using MS Outlook


It’s document formatting and the shortcut to open the dialog is NVDA key control d.
Uncheck everything having to do with tables using the space bar, then activate the ok button. 
If you want to limit the changes to Outlook so you hear table information elsewhere, you will have to make a profile in NVDA that loads when yu run Outlook.  I don’t use profiles so if you want to make one, others can discuss it. 

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Hi Rina,


You need to go to settings in nvda, then choose “page formatting”.

This opens a page with a lot of choices.

Use your tab key to work through the list and use the space bar to check or uncheck eachitem as you mlove through it.


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I’m new here, and I have a problem and a question, please.

When I open any message in MS Outlook, mixed with the text I hear table, out of table, link, out of link, line, row, graphic, and so on. I find difficult to read messages with all this description.

What can I do to hear only the text of a message? Thanks for any help,






































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