Re: accessible streaming services


Well, I have a google dish tv smart vu10 that should do everything or a smart vu11.

Thoughh to be honest  I am contemplating getting an amazon firestick2 or a firecube gen2 to plug into the tv.

On 29/07/2021 5:14 am, Ame wrote:

Hi all!  I’m suddenly running into some problems with Hulu that they insist on blaming on NVDA.  I’ve used nothing but NVDA since I’ve had Hulu and, up to now, I’ve not had a minute’s trouble.  The issues I’m encountering have nothing to do with my speech.  Screen readers don’t stop playback last time I checked.  But, I digress.  Forgive my frustration.  Lol I also have  Philo and I have no trouble with it.  I’m looking for accessible alternatives to Hulu.  My main concern is that I want my local tv channels.  Any help anybody can give me will be greatly appreciated.






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