Re: accessible streaming services


With those type of techs I just keep going up the latter until i"m out of the it10t sections.

On 7/28/2021 4:05 PM, Ame wrote:

I’ve suddenly started experiencing stoppage of playback at the end of a block of live programming.  Instead of continuing to stream the channel’s live content, it just cuts me off.  I’ve spoken with several Hulu agents today and the one I chatted with online finally created a ticket for the issue.  I’ve done everything but stand on my head.  I’m at a loss.  I know this shouldn’t be happening and it makes no sense for the agents to blame NVDA, especially since the issue occurs on my chromecast and my android phone too.  I’m sure you agree with me when I say it’s easier for someone to lay the blame on something they know nothing about and they know very close to nothing about accessibility.  It’s tiring to try to get the jist of what’s going on through their heads once they figure out you use a screen reader. 

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