Re: No sound with NVDA 2020.1 in a Windows 10 VM

S├ębastien Hinderer

Thanks, Chris!

We did try espeach and didn't encounter more success. Regarding the
output device, as far as I can remember, we had two choices: speakers or
microsoft sound mappper or something like that. I can't say for sure
that we tried all the combinations of synthesizers and outputs but those
we tried didn't work. Also there is this strange things that the tunes
NVDA makes when it starts and stops we couldn't hear either. To me this
seems to indicate that the problem is wider than just a matter of which
speech synthetizer is used, but I also suspect there may be several
problems, and perhaps installing the latest version of NVDA will solve
at least some of them.

Anyway, many thanks to all for your warm support, I deeply appreciate!


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