Re: No sound with NVDA 2020.1 in a Windows 10 VM

Lukasz Golonka

On Thu, 29 Jul 2021 22:45:21 +0200
S├ębastien Hinderer <> wrote:

Lukasz Golonka via (2021/07/29 21:54 +0200):
Are you by any chance running Windows 10 1809?
I don't know. Is there a way to figure that out without sighted
assistance when no screen reader works? Otherwise I will have to wait
until a colleague of mine can help me on that.
Possible probably yes but not easy. If you have easy access to the
sighted assistant that would be your best bed

First versions of this
build had exactly the issue you're describing under Virtual Box. I've
reported this both to Oracle (
and to Microsoft Accessibility team.
It's nice that you did the reports! Thanks! I feel dumb for not having
found them, actually!
I don't think they would come up in the searches - certainly the one to
Microsoft has been done via twitter and using private messages.

The latter report resulted in this
issue being corrected with an update but unfortunately if you've
installed from the image without the appropriate CU
What do you mean by CU, exactly? I'm not familiar with the terminology,
CU -> Cumulative update

integrated you need
to fix it manually. To do so it is necessary to open your sound settings
and ensure your sound card is set to Stereo rather than to 5.1 which the
audio card emulated by Virtual Box fails to handle well.
Just to make sure. When you talk about the sound settings, do you mean
on the Windows side?
Yes, this change needs to be done on the system inside your VM.

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