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Often I have found that computers seem to have the speed of the processor cores throttled back. At some, apparently arbiter level of processor load it then speeds up. Thus any kind of load has seemingly to be pretty constant to keep the speed up. In the end I opted to make the slow mode much higher speed, about 60 percent in fact, but on laptops this kind of tweak to extended power schemes tends to eat battery when you are not doing very much with it.
Obviously i do not know if this is the problem you are encountering, but it certainly does slug u the response of the spoken explorer file against the one really highlighted on screen, often meaning you are copying the incorrect file completely.
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Hi list,

When I use Vocalizer for NVDA, it always seem to lag when I first turn on my laptop. The voice I'm using is a premium high varient, so not sure if that is the cause; my laptop is pretty powerful with Intel Core I5 at 2.5GHZ, 8GB RAM.

Also, when I powered on my laptop, NVDA won't always announce the Windows logon prompt like it does in Windows 8.

Has anyone experienced the issues I mentioned?

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