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Several related things here. First of all, I think vlc uses a self contained set of codecs, so can actually play stuff other players may need external codecs for.
One recent issue I've had is a decent podcast downloader that is automated accessible and can get content from audioboom, which uses https streams, when most pocast receivers seem to balk at this but work well with the more normal http streams.
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I've used Winamp for more than fifteen years and had no problem with advertising. I don't know how you used it so there may be some uses that you see advertising. But for playing files, there is none. I see no reason to assume that VLC Player has declined. All we know is that one person asked for alternatives. If that person knew certain commands, such a request might not be made.

My impression, though I haven't looked into this and it's just an impression, is that players of the type being discussed are not intended to play a lot of Internet Radio. for that, you would probably be much better off using something like Tapin Radio or with your browser, something like Tunein.

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VLC must have fallen a long way since I used it many years ago. back then I found it perfectly accessible. the main issue that I have with Windows media players in general is that they tend to be fraught with advertising. this is the reason why I abandoned Winamp for VLC and then abandoned VLC for the kmplayer and then abandoned playing media on Windows all together... I never tried it myself but I believe foobar2000 is also accessible. The very latest one I tried was the gone mad music player. this was billed as the very latest ad free thing in music for Windows. unfortunately it's accessibility left much to be desired.



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I am looking for an NVDA accessible player that can basically play as many file types as VLC as well as podcasts and internet radio. There are a lot of inaccessible elements about VLC so does anyone have an alternative?

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