Re: Nvda addon similar to Clipspeak

Bruno Aníbal Prieto González

Hi, the add-on still works fine, just change the manifest.ini file.

2021-07-29 9:39 GMT-04:00, mustafa elçiçek <mustafaelcicek5621@...>:

I sent it to those who wanted it.
If the saddle has not arrived, you can contact me at my e-mail address.

2021-07-28 6:35 GMT+03:00, Sanjog Kumawat <sanjogkumawat@...>:
Hi Mustafa,

I was using Clip Speak add-on on a regular basis. However, since the
of NVDA 2021.1, the addon has become incompatible. Can you please send me
the add-on as well. My email address is sanjogkumawat@....

Thank you in advance


Sanjog Kumawat

From: mustafa elçiçek
Sent: 27 July 2021 17:21
Subject: Re: [nvda] Nvda addon similar to Clipspeak

Hello there.

I am sending the NVDA 2021.1 compatible version of the clipspeak

plugin as an attachment.

2021-07-27 14:16 GMT+03:00, Jarek.Krcmar <Jarek.Krcmar@...>:

Hello everybody,
I have got the latest Nvda.
I would like to have an addon, whicz could say to me, if any file is
coppyed or cut.
I think, that it can do Sayalcommand.
Could you write me, where I can download it?

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