Re: Has anybody ever seen or had this error during an NVDA session


I have got a message on startup about explorer module could not load, but its only happened once with 21.0.1 and I just haven't bothered reporting because it happened once and no log was created.

On 31/07/2021 9:56 pm, Tony Ballou wrote:
Howdy Folks,

Wonder if anybody's ever seen NVDA bring up this message then automatically restart itself.

nvdaHelperRemote (injection_terminate)
Error waiting for local thread to die, already dead or not responding.


This error message started showing up when I got NVDA 2019.1 I think. Since it automatically corrects itself and only happens once in a while it doesn't drive me crazy.  But I just wanted to let folks who have more programming skills than I ever will know about it.


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