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Hi Aim

The following page might help from off my website at

When they were tested they were done with nvda.

TVNZ they are 2 lazy to label the graphics for the movie they used to be at one time now they just say in the link new season. To gt around it use the google chrome browser it tells you the steps so you know what the shows are.

The page also tells you if it is accessible from off the phone either android or apple or tv as well.

They all have there qwerks and makes you wonder how they test for accessiblity as in TVNZ on demand.

Any how if there were any qwerks then it would of be mentioned. Things can change like they did with tvnz on demand.

I do not know about other services as I do not use them but if there are other blind people on the list who use other streaming on demand services with a screen reader either on the phone or computer please share how well they work.

This is from the New Zealand side and some of the services to us.

Gene nz

On 29/07/2021 5:14 am, Ame wrote:

Hi all!  I’m suddenly running into some problems with Hulu that they insist on blaming on NVDA.  I’ve used nothing but NVDA since I’ve had Hulu and, up to now, I’ve not had a minute’s trouble.  The issues I’m encountering have nothing to do with my speech.  Screen readers don’t stop playback last time I checked.  But, I digress.  Forgive my frustration.  Lol I also have  Philo and I have no trouble with it.  I’m looking for accessible alternatives to Hulu.  My main concern is that I want my local tv channels.  Any help anybody can give me will be greatly appreciated.





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