Re: Add-on for placemarkers needs to be updated

Suhas D


The latest stable build of NVDA is 2021.1, and Place Marker works fine.

Here's the direct download link for the addon

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On 8/2/2021 11:50, Suman Dogra wrote:
I tried with the latest stable version as well.  it is also not
getting installed.  it is not compatible with NVDA 2021.4.


On 8/1/21, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
It already has been per the NVDA Add-Ons Compatibility Page ( ) , and is
available for download from the NVDA Community Add-Ons Page ( ).

I am begging the readership to consult the above noted compatibility page
during this time of transition to determine whether any given add-on has (or
has not) been updated for compatibility with NVDA 2021.1.

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