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The following page from off my website might help.

These were some of the things I changed on my windows 10 computer.

The link to this page is http://www.accessibilitycentral.net/nvda%20tutorials%20for%20windows%2010.html

Jump down by a few heading until you get to the tutorials as the earlier stuff is where to get nvda etc.

Gene nz

On 2/08/2021 11:44 pm, Ibrahim Ajayi wrote:

I'm just about to upgrade my laptop computer to windows10 from windows7, and I have no knowledge about this operating system windows10.
So, my questions are these: how is the layout of the operating system. Is it like that of windows7 or XP. what about the desktop, how is it laid out. Then the user section where you have the folders like documents pictures music control panel and all that: how are they laid out. Then, are there any new features in this operating system that are not found in windows7? then what about the start menu: how isit laid out. How does one launch a program.
I am asking all these because I am a layman, as far as windows10 is concerned.
Hope to get some help as always.
Kind regards.

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