Re: Weird NVDA sound output problem

Tyler Spivey

Press ctrl+NVDA+s and tab once. Set the output device to Microsoft Sound Mapper and try again.

On 8/3/2021 9:58 AM, David Griffith wrote:
Over the weekend a problem developed with my RealTek sound card on my laptop wich meant I could not use the 3.5  audio headphone socket.
Basically it was giving out distorted incomprehensible  sound.
I have implemented 2 solutions for the time being which work with everything audio except NVDA.
The first solution was to plug in a Creative Soundblaster USB card/dongle.
I have made this my default sound card in windows system.
This sound blaster  card works with everything audio except NVDA.
So I have tested the following which all work fine
Narrator Zoom all media through   VLC, Jaws 2021  all system sounds and web media content.
However as soon as I load NVDA it starts to put out sound through my laptop speakers rather than the headphones I am wearing though other sounds still come through the headphones. Today I tried another solution and paired a pair of Bluetooth headphones.
These again worked fine with all the above programs, narrator, Jaws Zoom etc but as soon as I loaded NVDA it started to chatter out noisily through the laptop speakers instead.
I have looked all through NVDA settings but cannot find anything to change?
At the moment NVDA is unusable as my deafness means that I cannot really hear without headphones.
David Griffith
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