Re: how to switch speech language

Fawaz Abdul rahman

If you are asking about ability to switch TTS with a hotkey, yes, you can do that in 2 ways:
first, the easiest would be using the Switch Synth adon which you can get it from the following link:
second, you can create profiles and assign shortcuts to these profiles from input gestures settings.
note that you need to set the profile to manual activation when you are creating them.
good luck.

On Wed, Aug 4, 2021 at 7:37 PM Sauro Cesaretti <saurocesaretti1983@...> wrote:
Hello everyone,
I'm Sauro Cesaretti from italy.
I'd like to kindly ask if there is a shortcut to switch quickly the
language speech.
In particular, I need to switch form Italin to english voice with
windows core voices, is it possible to do it with a shortcut?
Thanks in advance
Best regards,Sauro Cesaretti

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