Re: The UEB table used in NVDA


The table set and the library are sort of interrelated. You can add new
tables without modifying the library, and the only way to add new table for
use by NVDA is modifying the source code.

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Right, I get that, but is there a way one could modify that library to add
new tables which aren't there already?
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Braille tables in NVDA comes from LibLouis, the braille translation
library used by NVDA.

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How does one implement Braille tables into NVDA which aren't currently
present? There's a jerry-rigged way to do so with the *.JBT files within

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Ah yes.

I do plan to publish a third-party try build that'll include newer UEB
tables (as an experimental option), likely tomorrow or sometime this



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In recent emails, I mentioned I had a Focus 40 Braille display and was
wondering about inconsistencies with the Braille output. I've noticed a
couple other things that didn't gel with my knowledge of Unified English
Braille. Joseph told me NVDA was using an outdated version of the table,
but since these things were present both when I first got the pamphlet
about UEB in School in 2005 and in an overview I found via Google dated
March 2013, I find myself a little confused.

1. Related to previously mentioned formatting inconsistencies. The
italic terminator is used after a single word thus emphasised instead of
the italic word indicator appearing before it. This is also true of bold
and likely other such formatting.
2. "E-a" is not contracted in the middle of words. Neither is "cc". I
know "dd" was removed but nothing was mentioned about "cc" and since it's
in the middle of the cell, it should have been just fine.
3. And, For, Of, The and With are still presented as being next to each
other with no spaces. This, as I recall and as the 2013 overview clearly
states, was changed in UEB.

This is coming from someone who only got her Braille Display two weeks
ago and who never looked at Braille-related emails before then due to the
content not being relevant before aforementioned acquisition of a Braille
Display, so if anything like this has been mentioned before, I apologise.
Also, if there have been any changes to the UEB code since 2013 that I
don't know about, I'd like a link.

I look forward to those working on the Braille side of things correcting
these problems, if indeed some of them are problems, and although I hope
it will be in the next update, I don't know the work that goes into such
coding. I just thought I'd point them out in case nobody had as yet. My
earlier point about emdashes and italicised passages has already been
brought to Joseph's attention, so I needn't go over that again. :D

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