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Well having both both are fine.

Amd do get regular non whql drivers so you do get the latest so there is more chance for your version being compatible with the latest version of windows however at the same time you can bump into a version not compatible and causing issues but probably good if you are an insider maybe its certainly faster.

Not that intels are bad or anything.

After spectre amd seemed to be the more secure but at least right now its hard to get a nonbranded unlocked amd system and mostly its intel in local stores anyway.

On the other side, unless you use an old a class generation or gen1 ryzen microsoft is more leniant towards amd as an upgrade path.

My at least 4 or now 5 year old amd 2nd ryzen will make the upgrade path while all intel units below 8th gen will not so an amd system does have the advantage.

Also while intel has tpm amd at least mine has in conjunction to tpm their own security module called sp10 and also has an actual processer devoted to security so there's that.

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I just checked.  this is about an eleven year old Windows 7 laptop in what was then a moderate price range, about $500.  The processor is a 2.51GHZ unit.  The minimum requirement for JAWS is a 1.5GHZ processor.  . 
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I hope techs comment on this, agreeing or not.  Screen-readers aren’t resource hogs and they don’t require fast processors.  My understanding is that if a computer runs well in general, it will run well with a screen-reader.
However, the newer synthesizers that require more resources and aren’t as responsive as the older ones may require discussion.  My impression is that people generally use the newer less responsive synthesizers for listening to documents and they use older responsive synthesizers such as Eloquence for work.
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Hi, I am not sure if I’m a good help. I know with Jaws you need a faster processor I  could be lying. Not sure about NVDA. I know Jaws is a resource hog. I’m not sure anymore.  It depends on what you are going to do with your computer.  If you are going to do radio shows using a computer. Yu do need a fast processor.  If you are going to play games or record shows then you may need a faster computer. 


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Hi all,


I am planning to upgrade my desktop. Do CPU brands  make a difference to how

well a screen reader runs? Will NVDA work as well with an intel CPU as with



I suspect it does not but prefer checking.









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