Re: how to switch speech language

Ali Colak

If you commonly switch between two languages and want to this on the
fly instead of going through the voices dialogue, then Fawaz Abdul
rahman's suggestion is the best option.
1: press nvda+control+p to go to the configurations profiles menu.
2: Tab until you get the new button.
3: Name it whatever you wish, ideally a discriptive name.
4: Press tab to check the manual activation radio button.
5: Press OK.
6: Close the menue.
7: Switch to whatever language you want in the profile through
control+nvda+v, then save that configuration with control+nvda+c.
8: Go the nvda preferences menu, then input gestures.
9: Down arrow until you see Configuration profiles and right arrow to expand.
10: Down arrow until you hear the name of the profile you created,
than tab until you hear add and press enter or the space bar.
11: Press the key combination you want to associate with that profile,
ideal a combination that isn't already associated with something.
12: A context menue will appear asking you which keyboard leyout you
want the combination associated with, select whichever you wish, --I
advise all keyboard layouts-- then press enter.
13: tab until you hear OK and press enter.
14: Press the key combination to activate and deactivate the profile,
which will switch you the language you associated with the account and

On 8/4/21, Jujube <> wrote:
I believe the command to access the voice dialog is control nvda V.
Press control nvda g to change interface language.

On 8/4/21, Sauro Cesaretti <> wrote:
Hello everyone,
I'm Sauro Cesaretti from italy.
I'd like to kindly ask if there is a shortcut to switch quickly the
language speech.
In particular, I need to switch form Italin to english voice with
windows core voices, is it possible to do it with a shortcut?
Thanks in advance
Best regards,Sauro Cesaretti

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