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Search With

  • Author: Ibrahim Hamadeh
  • Download Stable Version
  • NVDA compatibility: 2019.3 and beyond

This addon helps you to search text, via various search engines. Let no text selected, and press the gesture of the addon, a dialog will be displayed, with an edit box to enter a search query, to search with Google press enter, or tab to search with other engins.

And if you want to search for selected text, select some text and press once, a menu will be displayed with various search engines to choose. and you can if you like, press the gesture twice to search selected text with Google directly.

The Default gesture for the addon is: NVDA+ Windows+ S. If the keystroke do not work for you, or conflict with other keystroke, you can as always add a gesture or change the existent one going to : NVDA menu>preferences>inputGestures>Search With category.


  • If you want to enter a search query, just press the addon gesture

a dialog will be displayed, with an edit field to enter the search term.

  • Want to search with Google? just press enter
  • Otherwise tab to Other Engines button, and give it a space, a popup menu will show up, with various search engines to choose.

Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Youtube.

This is the default menu, and you may modify it from addon's setting panel.

  • Another way to use the addon, is by selecting some text.

And on Pressing the addon's gesture, or any other you have assigned to it, a virtual menu will be displayed with various search engines, either the default menu, or any other you have tailed to your needs.

Choose one and press enter, the default browser will open displaying search results. or, if you want to search with Google directly, press the gesture twice, and you are done.

  • Want to modify Search with menu?

Yes you can do that from the setting panel, and adjust the menu to fit to your mood and needs.

You can from there, add to Search with menu, other available search engines.

And you can if you like, remove an item from it, move item up, move item down, or return and set menu to default state.

  • If you want these modifications to be permanent, you have to save configuration after wards.
  • Want to search Google using other language options?

Then, go to Search With category in setting panels, from the cumbo box there, you can choose search Google either:

1.  Using browser settings and language.
2.  Using NVDA language.
3.  Using windows language.
  • Lastly, if you want to have last spoken text as default query in Search with dialog, you have the ability to do that, through Use last spoken as default query check box in setting panel.

And that's it, hope to search for good and find it, happy searching!

Changes for 1.2

  • Add more sites that could be added to menu, such as Stackoverflow, Stackexchange, GoogleBooks and others.
  • Add the options to use last spoken text as default query, in search with dialog.

Changes for 0.4

  • Add a dialog if no text selected, to enter a search query.
  • Make possible to modify Search with menu from setting panel, to fit to user needs.

Changes for 0.3

  • Add setting panel, giving more language options in Google search.

Changes for 0.1

  • Initial version

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