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George Kerscher



Two items as follow up:

The NVDA+CTRL+R worked most of the time. Only occasionally I had to made a change.

I did run SFC and it showed no errors. I switched to Eloquence, and have not had the problem again. I think the old Eloquence, which did not work with 2021 and was disabled was somehow causing the problem.


So, life is good.







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Do I  understand that you are using a profile for Outlook and the standard settings for most else?  I don’t know what is causing the problem or if that has anything to do with anything.


This may or may not work, but you may be able to deal with the problem so quickly that solving it no longer  matters.  The next time this happens, issue the apply configuration command, NVDA key control r.  the setting may not be lost at all.  For some reason, NVDA may not be using it and applying the saved configuration may cause it to do so again.  Since this is just one command, if it works getting the setting to work again will be so fast and convenient that you may not ;particularly care about solving the problem.



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Hello again,


Today, the rate changed to the default setting. I am running Windows 10 2021H1.

I was in Outlook and was switching between an open message and the inbox. Both the Outlook profile and the normal general configuration was impacted. I could save the profile immediately after it changed.


I also was in outlook with an open message and was running on battery. I left the computer, and it went to sleep.  When I woke it up, the rate changed. Here too the Outlook configuration and the default reverted to the slow speech rate.


I am getting pretty fast correcting this behavior, so it is not a horrible inconvenience, but it would be good to figure out what is going on.










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On Sun, Jul 18, 2021 at 03:39 PM, George Kerscher wrote:

I will report back here if the issue reappears. It has gone away for now, i.e. I can no longer force the behavior.

First, thank you for such a fine report on your findings, how to force the issue you had, and how you've resolved it.

Please report back even if the issue does not reappear for a period of time where you're reasonably confident that "the fix has taken."  That's valuable information to have, too.  Also, if it should recur at some unspecified point in time in the future, please report that, too, as these things can often have multiple contributing factors.

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