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Ladies and Gentlemen, after this message this topic is being locked.  Questions about how to use Windows 10 are not NVDA related, nor are the answers even screen reader specific.

If you wish to have this conversation among only other members of this group who wish to engage in off-topic questions, that is the purpose of the Chat Subgroup.  Most of the traffic there is actually very similar to this in that it's technical questions about how to use other software.

There is also a dedicated, and very active group now called Windows Access for Screen Reader Users that was up until recently the Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users group.  It has been retitled in anticipation of Windows 11, as at that point both Windows 10 and 11 related questions will be fair game there.

Here are the addresses related to the Chat Subgroup and the Windows Access for Screen Reader Users Group.

Windows Access with Screen Readers (Formerly: Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users Group)

Group Archive: https://winaccess.groups.io/g/winaccess/topics

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NVDA Chat Subgroup Archive:  https://nvda.groups.io/g/chat/topics

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This topic is now locked.


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