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Yes, it’s winamp 5.66  Speaking of winamp. How does one make winamp the default player. I am using windows 7. 64 bit. I know you go to audible and do it that way. I did that. but when I go to play a file windows media player still comes up. I want winamp to play.  I can’t remember the life of me how I got winamp to be default. I’m senile. Thanks. I know with this 7 box it gets windows media player stuck in its craw that it has to be default. When you try to get it to have winamp as default. With my past computer all I had to do was go to a radio station that used winamp. And it asked if you wanted winamp as default. I’d say yes then it stayed winamp. Same with windows media player. But this computer it seems to stay stuck on windows media player no matter what I do. I’ll have to uninstall and reinstall winamp hoping that does the trick. Sorry for the long message.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] VLC alternative?


or Tom Lorrimer’s website


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Subject: Re: [nvda] VLC alternative?


You can find  winamp, I think it is version 5.6   on the  audio page of;


lots of apps and utils on that website.


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If you hunt around on the net, you can still aquire winamp and use that.



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Subject: [nvda] VLC alternative?


I am looking for an NVDA accessible player that can basically play as many file types as VLC as well as podcasts and internet radio. There are a lot of inaccessible elements about VLC so does anyone have an alternative?   


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