Accessible Word Processor Biblos--Why did I never know about this?


Ok, so I guess this is not strictly NVDA-related per se, though the
program does have an addon specifically for use w/NVDA. Here's some of
the impressive features the software offers.

It's called Biblos, & it allows the opening and saving of files of an
incredible number of formats, to include .docx, .doc, .rtf, Markdown
(woohoo!) & more. & no, woohoo is *not* a file format lol. It's just
that those who know me even a little know what a fangirl of Markdown I

It allows printing of files to Braille.

It allows drawing of vector graphics, especially for tactile graphics,
but also for any purpose where vector graphics can be used. Thus, we
can draw pictures using text representations.

It allows typical formatting all word processors have in common, ie,
bold, italic, headings, endnotes, footnotes, etc.

I hate to say it, but I think 1 of the reasons this little gem has
been overlooked is because the gentleman who programmed it seems to be
fluent only in Italian, & translation of the software into other
languages is kind of automated. So yeah--some of the help guide syntax
is a bit awkward, but folks, really--I consider myself pretty well
acquainted w/what's out there, & I haven't encountered this 1 before.
Yall can get it at:

Once downloaded, go to the scripts folder and install the NVDA addon
appropriate to your version of NVDA, & you're golden.

For those looking for a free and accessible alternative to Word, you
might wish to check this 1 out! As for me, adios, Jarte, as well as to
my now unsupported version of Word.

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