Re: Does anyone have any tips for clicking on links that won’t click with NVDA

Tony Malykh

Here are a few options to try:
1. Try NVDA+Enter. Sometimes it works better on links that don't work with just Enter.
2. NVDA+NumPadSlash, then NumPadSlash. This routes mouse cursor and simulates a click.
3. Just NVDA+NumPadSlash. Since you mentioned there is hover over menu, it might appear at this point, and you might be able to navigate either using arrows or tab to other menu items. And then try options 1 and 2 on them.
4. If everything else fails, you might want to ask someone sighted to click this once for you and put down URL it takes you to. So next time you can either just go to that URL directly if it is constant, or if it contains any IDs you can think of a way to reconstruct it with correct IDs every time you need to use it.

On 8/6/2021 9:41 AM, Khalid Anwar wrote:
I’m using A website calledCACs Enterprise by CGI it’s a billing and payment platform, one of the problems I’m having is that there is a link which is actually a hover over menu, so hovering over it with the mouse will open up a list of other options but NVDA sees it only as a link.
i’ve tried clicking it but I’ve had no luck, and pressing shift plus NVDA  plus M to move the mouse over it, NVDA will read out the options on the list but there is no way to get at them to click them.
Does anyone have any ideas or tips?

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