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Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Gene,


There were times when I’ve had to do shift enter in order to click on a link that didn’t work. Luckily it doesn’t happen too often.






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Subject: Re: [nvda] Introducing, the largest international add-ons store with official and unofficial add-ons from all NVDA communities


Also, how did you try to get to the page?  Did you press enter on the link?  At times, that doesn’t work.  In a case where you don’t get expected results, try copying the address to the clipboard, its much faster and more convenient than typing, paste it into the address bar of your browser, then press enter. 


The page is there. 



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Subject: Re: [nvda] Introducing, the largest international add-ons store with official and unofficial add-ons from all NVDA communities


Hi, did you access It is working as far as I know...



Hi, I just tried clicking on the link and got an error page saying,
check the spelling of the website... and could not go to the website.
Thank you for creating this site.
On 8/6/21, Iván Novegil via mailto:ivan.novegil@... wrote:
Dear NVDA users across the world,
I'm pleased to announce to you the availability of the final version of, the first website created to serve as an international
directory for both official and unofficial NVDA add-ons.
Indeed, this project aims to gather the download links of all possible
add-ons, within logical standards of usability. You won't have to search
in Google anymore to, at the end, find an outdated version uploaded to
Dropbox, or ask through your preferred mailing list until someone is
able to rescue and send you as an attachment that add-on that is
distributed from mailbox to mailbox for years. In, your
favourite add-on may be hosted by Dropbox, but we, both users and
administrators, will make our best to guarantee you its most updated
release. Moreover, you'll be able to know before downloading any add-on
its exact compatibility range and development status.
The platform has been self-developed by us and has the following features:
  * Table of add-ons on the home page: As simple as typing in your preferred web browser. Last updated add-ons
    are shown at the top and official add-ons, those published at, are flagged as "verified".
  * Filters: You can filter add-on table by add-on's name, summary,
    release channel, minimum NVDA version and last tested NVDA version.
  * Paginator: Browse the add-on table 50 by 50.
  * Dedicated page for each add-on: See its author, website, description
    and available downloads, with supported NVDA version range for each
    of them.
  * Direct download both from home page and add-on page.
  * Supported by advancedAddonFiles: The directory already contains all
    the add-ons added to the Spanish-speaking NVDA Community website, This is because is only an interface for
    advancedAddonFiles, the application that manages add-on additions
    and updates.
  * Automatic translator in all pages, powered by Google.
  * top 10 downloaded add-ons: All pages include a widget showing the 10
    most downloaded add-on releases along with their last tested NVDA
  * Newsletter: With our newsletter, you'll get a digest of updated and
    added add-ons each week, and also special notices and information
    about review requests. Subscribe by sending a blank message to
    news+subscribe@.... This is also displayed as a widget
    in all pages.
  * Donate: We'd prefer not to ask for donations, but the
    Spanish-speaking NVDA Community Association, stablished in Spain as
    a legal nonprofit, survives thanks to them. Maintaining is only one of our initiatives. You can donate
    through PayPal, credit/debit card and GitHub Sponsors, using the
    widget at the bottom of each page.
  * Direct contact: We are human and willing to help. Send us your
    thoughts, questions and suggestions to admin@....
How can you collaborate?
 1. Adding new add-ons: You can submit a review request for one add-on
    that is not registered. It doesn't matter if you are its author or
    not. Once we've verified it doesn't contain spam, it'll be published
    to receive public comments regarding add-on usability and security.
    In absence of them, or after they've been resolved, the add-on will
    be added to the database. If you've specified your email, you'll be
    given direct access to update that add-on. You can also submit a
    review request for already registered add-ons to discuss usability
    or security issues.
 2. Letting us know of add-on updates: If you find an outdated add-on in
    our database, don't hesitate to reach us at admin@...
    with all the information you have about the new version. We'll happy
    to publish that new version, provieded that it's from the same
    author or we have reasonable evidences of abandonment from that
    maintainer and a new one continues the development.
What happens if you have an interested friend who doesn't know English?
That's, in fact, the idea behind the translate widget. Just choose your
native language and enjoy. We know that no translation can match a human
translation, but this is our easiest and simplest solution to have internationalized. If you want to export our catalog to
your local NVDA website, don't forget that it's available in JSON format
On the other hand, don't worry to write us a message in another
language. We'll make our best to reply you.
What is coming next? We're now announcing the first version of the
website but can't wait to think about the future. Héctor Benítez has
developed an add-ons store prototype for, which will be
enhanced until it gets to a stable version that we all can use to review
the catalog and download the add-ons we want from NVDA directly. You can
download the prototype, in spanish, from:
I really hope this new tool is useful for you and every NVDA user you
know. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Best regards.
Iván Novegil Cancelas
Equipo de xestión web e desenvolvemento
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Asociación Comunidad Hispanohablante de NVDA
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