Re: nvda not announcing command description


That isn’t an NVDA feature.  That is a JAWS feature to help new Windows users learn Windows.
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Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2021 6:05 AM
Subject: [nvda] nvda not announcing command description
I am using NVDA 2021 with window 10 on my laptop. I am facing the
difficulties when I use any command NVDA not announcing any command
description associated with it. say for instance, if i press
insert+tab to check any focussed item, it only announces the name of
the focus item but its not announcing the command description or help
tip associated with it. for example, it should say that to move to
item press the arrow keys to edit the item press f2.  the same thing
is happening in Microsoft w
ord, whenever i am bringing my focus on any ribbons, its only
announcing the focused ribbon, but its not announcing the command
description like to move between the ribbons press the left or right
arrow keys to navigate in the ribbon press the tab or shift+tab keys.
NVDA used to announce the same in the earlier version. so is this
feature is missing in the latest version of NVDA or do i have to make
any seetings to make it announce?

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