Re: Code Factory Voices no longer working?

Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Gene,

I was referring to the email that has my information on it. Yes, contacting Code Factory is important if you have a problem activating the license.


On 8/10/2021 1:17 PM, Gene wrote:

Its unlikely the voices lost your information.  I suppose it could happen.  I think it is important to contact Code Factory to see what they say about possible authorization problems.
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It may be that the server is down.  All Code Factory voices contact the server at intervals, I believe about once a month.  If your Internet is down or their server is down, the voices won’t function because they can’t be verified as registered.  So one person’s voices may work and another person’s may not. 
I think this is a very bad system and, with good authorization systems, such as JAWS uses, this ongoing contact with the server is unnecessary. 
I would suggest contacting Code Factory before more troubleshooting on your machine.  If their server is working properly, you may have to do something.  If it is down, you may just have to wait until it is up again.
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I wonder if you could haveaccidentally deleted your info with the
license. I don't know what else could be going with your code factory
voices. They're working fine on my system.


On 8/10/2021 12:52 PM, Clement Chou wrote:
> Woke up this morning to find Code Factory voices asking me to re-enter
> my registration or activate a trial... and when I clicked try just to
> see what happens it says there was an issue activating my license and
> to make sure I had a working internet connection. Anyone know what the
> deal with this is? Also seem to have somehow misplaced my registration
> info, so need to figure out how to find it. thanks.

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