Re: Code Factory Voices no longer working?

Sarah k Alawami

Same here. Knock on wood. Can you send them an email asking them to resend your registration info? Good luck.

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I wonder if you could haveaccidentally deleted your info with the license. I don't know what else could be going with your code factory voices. They're working fine on my system.


On 8/10/2021 12:52 PM, Clement Chou wrote:
Woke up this morning to find Code Factory voices asking me to re-enter
my registration or activate a trial... and when I clicked try just to
see what happens it says there was an issue activating my license and
to make sure I had a working internet connection. Anyone know what the
deal with this is? Also seem to have somehow misplaced my registration
info, so need to figure out how to find it. thanks.

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