locked eloquence and nvda

Michael Micallef at FITA

Dear listers,


I’m using NVDA on a regular basis but I couldn’t switch full time to Nvda because I didn’t decide about the speech synthesizer yet. The windows sapi voices I don’t like it and also I don’t like the e-speak voice that comes with nvda, so my question is:


I am very happy with the eloquence speech that Jaws 2021 using, now can someone give me solid indication which version of eloquence isnear 100% the same as the jaws2021 eloquence, I know that there are two versions available from Codefactory the plugin eloquence and the Sapi version but when I tried them both my ears wasn’t sure which is the best eloquence and at the moment I’m very budget conscious before I spend money.

Thank you and looking forward for some useful feedback.

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