Re: Problems With NVDA and Windows10


When you take a box running win7 with no lag at all and then move to win10 it all depends on your computer hardware.

With 4gb of ram your running the minimum for win10 along with a spinning drive expect lag.

With only 4gb ram win10 will take up half that to run. That is why you can still have a slugish computer.

Bring that ram to 16 or better and you don't have to worry about lag.

On this laptop i got 32gb ram, 1tb m.2 drive and its faster then screen reader can handle sometimes. See when I type some words are done so fast you don't hear them for example "I or a' have to back up when really going on keyboard. And I can do 80 to 100 words when pressed.

On 8/10/2021 11:10 PM, valiant8086 wrote:

The issue with typing is probably due to the auto spell check functionality. You can turn it off in the pc settings app. Being laggy just in general could be caused by not having enough ram and meanwhile running from a hard drive instead of an ssd. Is that the case for your machine? More than 4gb is a good idea if the system has a standard hard drive. At 4gb it's easy to start needing the pagefile stored on disk to hold data that would otherwise fit on the ram if you had more, and the hard drive activity to handle the pagefile will cause it to be busy and not work well when you need to load programs from it and such.

Windows 10 is not quite as responsive as 7 anyway but it's not all that bad. What are the specs of your computer?

On 8/10/2021 7:59 PM, Ibrahim Ajayi wrote:
I've come to discover since I upgraded my laptop from windows7 to 10,
that the computer has not been responding to commands instantly.
When I launch a program or a website, it takes a very long time for it
to start. Even when I am typing it sometimes takes some seconds for
the characters to appear.
I don't know if this is a problem with the NVDA screen reader or it is
a problem with the operating system windows10.
I don't understand why this is happening. I didn't have this problem
at any time with windows7 or even XP.
I suspected at a time that the various security installations were
causing the problem, and I disabled windows defender. But this has
still not solved the problem.
So, what can I do. Has anyone had this problem before?
Thanking you in advance for your help in this regard.

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