Re: NVDA development/contribution tutorial series

hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi James

What does it cover?

It might of been some thing Joseph lee had done?

The following page from off my website might help at <>

Have a look down that page to either Josephs tutorials one is written and there is a audio series.

There are some other guides there as well.

The same page can be accessed from any of my nvda tutorials pages which is called nvda screen reader related resources page which comes off my main website called <>

You never know there might be other stuff of interest? or if not to you to others who are new to nvda.

Gene nz


On 12/08/2021 12:08 am, James AUSTIN wrote:
Hello everyone

Hope this message finds everyone safe and well. ☺️

Would anyone happen to know if the development/contribution series that took place on the development list sometime back is available for download somewhere please? I have looked on get hub but I’m unable to find it. By any chance does it exist on someone’s website please? If so would they be willing to send me a URL so that I can go and download it please?

Thank you

Warmest wishes


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