Re: QT Applications are not accessible until I restart NVDA

Ravi Pinapaka

Hi Lukas,

I tried with VirtualBox 6.1.26 but I was more concerned about the program I created as I started to learn GUI development and was considering using Qt as the framework.

Good news - I managed to fix the issue. I examined the debug logs for both situations where it was accessible as well as not accessible. Looks like NVDA was processing the application events but not speaking the result when I started the app with NVDA turned on.

The fix was a simple one: I went to NVDA Settings > Advanced > checked the "Enable selective registration for UI Automation events and property changes" checkbox. It immediately started working and all controls in the app were accessible.

Here is what the NVDA user guide says about that option for your reference:
"This option changes how NVDA registers for events fired by the Microsoft UI Automation accessibility API. When this option is disabled, NVDA registers for many UIA events that are processed and discarded within NVDA itself. This has a major negative impact on performance, especially in applications like Microsoft Visual Studio. Therefore, when this option is enabled, NVDA will limit event registration to the system focus for most events. If you suffer from performance issues in one or more applications, We recommend you to try this functionality to see whether performance improves."

Thanks for trying to help. Appreciate it a lot :)

Best regards,

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