Re: How to update speech dictionary entries and configuration profiles on a portable version of NVDA?


If memory serves the easiest way, given what you want to accomplish, is just to create a fresh portable copy using the currently installed version, with all its dictionaries and add-ons getting "packaged with it" as a part of that.   And this is simple enough to do to test out my memory:

1 Hit NVDA + N, T, C  [NVDA Main Menu, Tools, Create Portable Copy]
2. In the dialog that comes up, either browse to or directly enter the folder in which you want that portable copy created.  This can be the drive letter with backslash for the root folder of a portable drive, e.g., G:\
3. Make sure the checkbox for Copy current user configuration is checked.
4. Optional.  If you wish to immediately begin testing the behavior of the portable copy, check the Start the new portable copy after creation checkbox.
5. Hit the Continue button.  Wait while the portable copy is created.  You will receive a success dialog when it's done.  Activate the OK button in that dialog

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