Re: still can't configure thunderbird to say "read, replied".


Go to the first message in the messages list, press NVDA numpad 4 to move the object navigator to previews object until you ear "list", press NVDA numpad 2 to move the object navigator to the first object, NVDA will say something like "conversation" header, press NVDA numpad 6 to move the object navigator to the next object until you see a button to select columns and press NVDA numpad enter to activate the object. There you can select what columns you like to see in the list (I needed to verify these with the mouse pressing NVDA numpad / to move the mouse to the column that I need to check and press left mouse buton).

Good luck, and I hope that other with a better english can give you better instructions.

El 19/09/2016 a las 20:37, Rosemarie Chavarria escribió:

Hi, Brian,

How do I do this?



On 9/19/2016 4:34 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

Well, I just figured out the how to get replied/read announced,

You must activate the "Status" column AND you must move it to the left of the subject column (at least if you want to hear "read" or "replied" before the subject is announced.  NVDA is announcing columns that it makes sense to announce (which means it ignores columns not set, like "Starred" if something's not starred) working from left to right in the inbox table/message list area.


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