Re: A point to consider about Eloquence


Hmmm the sapi 5 versions do support audiogames.

It is why I have this stuff.

Sapi is part of the support and most supports do work withh audiogames as sapi and not the other way round.

If you buy the code factory voices from atguys you get 32 and 64 bit synths and I have not had issues as far back as the kitchensinc stuff and as modern as some of the more modern things like the renpy engine.

On 15/08/2021 3:22 am, mattias wrote:

but the sapi5 version dont support audiogames

Den 13 augusti 2021 23:43:16 skrev benmoxey@...:

Hi everyone

Josh makes an important point regarding the SAPI5 version of Eloquence and there  being no difference with responsiveness/quality etc. Another important feature to consider is that you can use the SAPI5 version with other Windows applications, such as Narrator. 

Basically, if you just want to use Eloquence with NVDA, the add-on is great value because you get the additional Vocaliser (human sounding) voice. The purchase also supports NV Access. :)

If you want to use it with Narrator etc, buy the SAPI5 version.

All the best.


14 Aug 2021, at 12:18 am, Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...> wrote:

I own the sapi5 eloquence from codeFactory and I also own the addon. I don't see any difference with responsiveness because they are both equally very responsive and fast. The sapi5 one is better because it just works with no addon required. 

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