Re: Here is A Tutorial on Configuration Profiles in NVDA

hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi TheeQuinn

Could I add your tutorials to my website so people can find them easier with other tutorials all in the one place for nvda.

The main website is called

They would come off one of my nvda tutorials pages I do have a video tutorial series on the nvda screen reatder related resources page

If they are just audio ones with a pictur they could go on the nvda audio tutorials page.

I am hoping to do some updates tonight to the website and if allowed putting them up there just have to figure which page or pages if broken up. as one 2 tutorials would suit the nvda tutorials for other programs page and profiles on another?

Gene nz

On 14/08/2021 9:08 am, TheeQuinn Public wrote:
Good day everyone. I recently did a video explaining configuration profiles in NVDA and how to create them and much more. You can check it out here :  

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