Re: How to update speech dictionary entries and configuration profiles on a portable version of NVDA?



If all you're trying to do is get the dictionary that exists on your installed version on to your portable version, it would be fine to just copy and paste the appropriate .DIC file  (or files) over.

That being said, if you're not sure about how to go about doing that it is a pretty simple issue to just make a new portable copy.

I was thinking you might have different add-ons in the installed and portable versions that you wanted to retain that way and/or a given dictionary file on one side that you wanted untouched while you wanted to merge the into the other.  Since these are not the case, the options become much clearer and easier, regardless of what you end up choosing to do.

But your having mentioned configuration profiles is also something that made me think that creating a fresh portable copy if what's wanted is a portable "edition" of what you have in place with your installed version would likely be the preferable option.

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