Re: How to update speech dictionary entries and configuration profiles on a portable version of NVDA?

Giles Turnbull

Hi Luke, and sory for the delay in replying to your question. Yes, you copy the default.dic file from appdata/roaming/NVDA/Speechdicts and you paste it into exactly the same location on your other device. Of course, there'll already be a default.dic file in there, but you can either overwrite that existing one or rename it to something like default_orig.dic ... NVDA will use the new default.dic file but you can revert back to the original one if you need. The new dictionary file will become active the next time you re-start NVDA.

Yes, it is a text file in as much as it can be opened and read in Notepad, but it is a .dic file. It is similar to a csv file (comma-separated values) format that worksheets from Excel can be exported as and read in Notepad ... in a CSV file the commas indicate a column boundary. In an NVDA .dic file it indicates the different options available in the speech dictionary dialogue ... pattern, replacement, comment, case sensitive etc.

Hope that helps,


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