Re: accessible uninstaller that works with NVDA


Well, perhaps you're correct. However, my experience w/these uninstall
captchas has never been good, and this quote is from their website
which makes me believe that trend persists.
" Require the completion of a CAPTCHA when changing critical features
Opens a CAPTCHA dialog that requires you to read distorted text on the
screen and enter the text in a field before performing any critical
actions. These actions include changing shields, importing
configuration settings, uninstalling the program, and shutting down
the agent."
Taken from

BTW, I do use captcha protection on websites I own or have developed,
so I don't think I really fall into the camp of being 1 of those who
blindly (ahem) hate captchas per se. This 1, however, just sounds like
trouble to me in all caps. :).

On 8/17/21, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
On Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 11:53 AM, Jackie wrote:

The problem w/this particular program, all, is that the uninstaller
has a frickin captcha. Aint that special!

Think about what Webroot actually is and it's no surprise that a Captcha is
used by the uninstaller.  It's just another way to prevent "bot
uninstallation" without human intervention.  It's a security measure to keep
a security program from being nefariously uninstalled by automated means.

Also, so you can hate me, I am so over complaints about modern Captchas,
almost all of which do offer an accessible alternative to their solution.
They were horrible accessibility roadblocks, and for those rare sites or
products still using "Early Generation" captchas, they still are.  But I
have solved captchas, eyes closed, with audio challenges on more than one
occasion, and that's the most common alternative.

Captchas of most modern sorts should be accessible.  They will pose
challenges for those who are deaf-blind or who have significant hearing
impairment if it cannot be addressed via hearing aids, but there are limits
to anything that is intended to force human intervention of some sort.


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