Re: accessible uninstaller that works with NVDA


On Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 01:43 PM, Jackie wrote:
This 1, however, just sounds like
trouble to me in all caps. :).
And it sounds, to me, like non-critical documentation that simply remains un-updated.  They'd be better off not describing a Captcha at all, these days, as they keep evolving.  Not to mention that I doubt there's a computer user in existence who's not brand, spankin' new to computing who hasn't encountered Captchas more times than they can count.

I actually haven't encountered a "pure" distorted text Captcha in a very long time now.  Those were, undoubtedly, completely inaccessible.  And most of the "pick the pictures that include . . ." ones I'm running into these days have other alternatives, though typically a link needs to be activated to get to them (sometimes it).

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