Re: still can't configure thunderbird to say "read, replied".


You can change the order in wich Thunderbird display mail information using object navigation, but I can't explain that in english.


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It appears that the question isn't about how to get such notifications.  I think the message is asking how to change the order in which headers are displayed in Thunderbird.  Thunderbird shows the subject first, followed by the from line.  I don't want to see information in that order  I want to know who a message is from first.  I suspect a lot of other people want the from line first.  And that is one of the reasons I don't use Thunderbird.  They have never bothered to make the ability to change fields accessible and they don't show the fields in the standard order.
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          Are you even getting the "read" or (more likely) "unread" announced.  By default Thunderbird will mark a message as read the moment you land on it in your inbox list and the message pane is on, which it also is by default.   If you don't want that to happen you can do one of two things, the message pane can be toggled off/on using F8 and if the message pane is off a message will not automatically be marked as read (and "unread" is announced, while read is not).  If you wish to leave the message pane on there is a setting under the Tools menu, options, display, advanced that allows you to toggle the "automatically mark as read" on or off and if it's on set it to wait a certain number of seconds before marking as read if the message pane happens to be on.  This lets you run through messages in your inbox when you're not "really reading" them and not having them marked as read.

           Just FYI, the default state of the "Mark as Read" is "on" and with the "immediately" radio button chosen, so there is, essentially no such thing as an unread message if the message pane is on since you will have seen/read the message as soon as you've landed on it in the inbox list.

           I haven't figured out the way to get "responded" (or similar) to be announced.  When you reply there is a visible "replied arrow" that is shown directly to the left of the message subject, but it doesn't have a column associated with it that I can see and NVDA is not announcing its presence by default.


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