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Richard Wells

I found Dennis's work to be extremely helpful in understanding the
Braille Extender add-on.

On 8/22/2021 6:37 AM, dennis huckle wrote:
Some time ago I wrote a short guide as a text file regarding navigating a pc with nvda and a focus braille display.
If you feel this may be of use come back off list Kind regards,
Dennis huckle.

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Hi Solomon

I am not aware of any audio tutorial for that add on. The closest you will get is the documentation for the braille extender add on by pressing the nvda key + letter N then arr-owing down to the add on then right to the documentation menu. After you go into it it should explain what the different parts do.

Gene nz


the21/08/2021 2:54 pm, soloman s wrote:

Hello all,
Could someone share/direct me to a good resource for using
BrailleExtender NVDA Addon?
I prefer a good podcast/tutorial.
Thanks much in advance!

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