Re: NVDA-accessible accounting/tax prep software for businesses?

Richard B. McDonald

Hi Nolan!

For accounting software, I understand "Wave" (below) is accessible. Seemingly, the basic version is free.


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Hey folks,

Last year I used for a fairly non-complicated (single-member LLC taxed as S corporation filing 1120S) business tax situation. It was kind of a mess and overkill for what I needed, so this year I just filed the extension with them and now I'm looking for alternatives.

Does anyone here have a good, accessible, tax prep software or website recommendation that works well with NVDA? I'll be doing my own research as well, and I'm not asking individually if it supports specific tax situations. With these, though, you end up handing over and SSN or other identifying information before you can even get to the point where you're evaluating the software, and given that my data may have recently been subject to a T-mobile breach, I'm not super keen to spread it among
5-6 pieces of software I may not end up using. I'm almost tempted to figure out if I can fill out the forms electronically and submit them that way, since my situation is pretty much the least complicated arrangement you can have above just taking tax passthrough status.

Related: any good accounting software recommendations? QuickBooks Online is painful to the point that I can feel my blood pressure rising every time I get an email asking me to log in and attend to some task or other, even though it usually links me directly to the page I need.
Intuit is anything but intuitive where accessibility is involved. :)


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