Re: Listbox option values are only accessible in focus mode

Jonathan COHN

Well, IMHO, whenever you encounter a screen reader saying "clickable", it means the web developer has not used ARIA to let the end user know the specific type of control you are working with and is therefore a failure of the Web Accessibility Guidelines. 
Generally, if a piece of HTML code has a click action attached to it and it is not a native link or button or does not have a role attribute telling the screen reader it is something else (listbox, button, slider …) then NVDA will say clickable. This just lets the NVDA user know that sending a click action should cause something to happen. If one is lucky, there might be a aria-haspopup attribute and then NVDA should say popup menu or something close to that.


On Aug 23, 2021, at 17:38, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

If you hear "clickable," and not only for listboxes, it means you have landed on and gained focus on a control that must be activated if you wish it to take the action it takes.

I cannot remember whether this is for everything, as buttons are such that one knows that one must click on it to activate it, so I don't think you get "clickable" there.

But, yes, hearing clickable means you have gained focus on a control, and that the control remains unactivated, which is what one would typically want and expect if you were trying to traverse a page and activating only those things you need to activate based upon precisely what it is you're trying to accomplish.  

You used Enter to activate the listbox, which expands the list of options and allows you to use up/down arrow to traverse them, and to hit enter again on the one you want to make it your selection.

I tend to "mix and match" Enter and Spacebar for activating controls, with Enter being favored by me, and Spacebar used if Enter fails, or vice versa.

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