Re: NVDA and web browsers' accessibility


All browsers are equally accessible and it's honestly a matter of personal preference. There's no financial burden or massive learning curve to having multiple browsers so I highly recommend having all three around. Every website is different and depending on the sites you browse, you'll find one browser is better for, say, YouTube, while the other is better for your online banking site. This also applies equally to sighted users. Many people frequently switch between browsers, that being said, if there's a browser you just prefer the feel of or it just happens to work best for most of the sites you use, then that one should become your main browser, but don't make such a decision until you've thoroughly tried all three.

On Wed, Aug 25, 2021 at 8:44 PM Sharad Koirala <shakoirala@...> wrote:
hi friends,
warm greetings from nepal,

I am always in a confusion on choosing my default browser among edge,
firefox and chrome. could u please help me choose one by assuring me
about the best bet on accessibility with NVDA among these three
additional description on their safety regarding personal data would be a plus.

Dr. Sharad Koirala
Department of Community Medicine
Gandaki Medical College, Pokhara, Nepal

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