Important notice on Joseph Lee's add-ons: next add-on releases, NVDA version jump


Hi all,

The following announcement is applicable if you are using any of my add-ons (Add-on Updater, Control Usage Assistant, Enhanced Touch Gestures, Event Tracker, GoldWave, Resource Monitor, StationPlaylist, Windows App Essentials):

Currently most of my add-ons support NVDA 2020.4. Starting with the next version of Add-on Updater, I will ask you to use newer NVDA releases in order for add-ons to take advantage of features introduced in recent NVDA releases. This is especially true for people wishing to upgrade to Windows 11 once released to the public.


  • Add-on Updater: version 21.09 (next week at the earliest) will require NVDA 2021.1 or later.
  • Control Usage Assistant, Enhanced Touch Gestures, Event Tracker, GoldWave, StationPlaylist: upcoming releases will require NVDA 2021.2 or later. As a result, updates to these add-ons will be released shortly after NVDA 2021.2 is released to everyone.
  • Resource Monitor: the next version (scheduled to be released after NVDA 2021.2 is released) will require NVDA 2021.1 or later.
  • Windows App Essentials: version 21.09 will be the last version to support NVDA 2020.4 and 2021.1. The version after that will require NVDA 2021.2 and will be released shortly after the upcoming NvDA version is released. If you wish to use Windows 11, Windows App Essentials 21.09 or later will provide improved support, but it is the version coming after that which is optimized for Windows 11 (by the way, to use Windows 11, you must use NVDA 2021.2 or later, and support for Windows 11 will improve over time).

The reason for requiring newer NVDA releases is that version 2021.2 introduces several changes that will affect add-ons in a fundamental way. One of these changes is called “control types refactor” where it changes how developers specify control roles and states in add-on source code. As most of my add-ons are affected, I’m asking you to prepare accordingly. Note that the old way of specifying control roles and states will work until next year when the new style will become the default, and add-on developers were notified of this change a while ago.




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