Re: Excel 365: How to use autofill to make list of dates

Shaun Oliver

does that same keystroke work if you wish to autofill across cells as well?

On 27/08/2021 3:34 am, Chris Mullins rambled on about the following:

Hi Daniel

Put the cursor in the cell below the cell you want to replicate down the column and press Control+d, then select the cells down the column to the last cell you want to fill and press Control+d again.





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From: Daniel Gartmann
Sent: 26 August 2021 15:33
Subject: [nvda] Excel 365: How to use autofill to make list of dates




I am trying to generate a list of work days using the Auto-fill feature under the Home tab, but I can’t figure out how to do this with NVDA / the keyboard.


Has anybody done this?

There are many instructions online about how to do this with the mouse, but I haven't been able to locate one for screen reader / keyboard users.


I am on NVDA 2021.2 beta 1 under Windows10 and Office 365.


Thanks in advance.




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