Re: NVDA menu not reading with NVDA+N

Janet Brandly

Thanks everybody for your suggestions. I’ll give them a try, starting with rebooting. That was my first plan, but I have a couple of big Word documents open and really hoped not to have to reopem them. Lazy, I know.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA menu not reading with NVDA+N


1. Have you tried Restarting (and I mean that literally, as in choosing Restart from the power menu)?  Does the behavior persist after doing that?

If it persists, then:

2. Run the COM Registry Fixing Tool from NVDA’s Tools Menu to see if that fixes your issue.  (Sighted help will be required unless you've memorized how to get to this from a silent NVDA menu).

If it persists, then:

3. Restart NVDA with Add-Ons disabled to see if your issue goes away.  If it does, one of the add-ons you use is the culprit.  You can restart NVDA with Add-Ons disabled via the NVDA exit dialog, which gives this as one of the options in the What would you like to do? Dropdown.  If your issue disappears, you will need to determine which Add-On is causing it, and the technique for doing this is beyond the scope of the current set of steps.

If none of the above works, I'd suggest an uninstall and reinstall of NVDA itself.


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