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Basically you use the numpad to review the screen without affecting your active cursor.  Lets say you are in a menu and you need to know the correct spelling or syntax of an item.
1. press nvda+numPad 7 to turn on screen review
the second row with numbers 7 8 9 moves you through a row.
7 moves up
8 reads the currant line
9 moves down
numbers 4 5 6 moves by word
4 moves back
5 reads the currant word (if pressed twice quickly spells the word)
6 moves forward
numbers 1 2 3 moves by letter
1 moves back
2 says the letter the cursor is on (if pressed twice quickly announces the phonetic)
3 moves forward
shift numpad 7 takes you to the top of the screen
shift 9 takes you to the bottom

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I was looking at the numpad on my PC and realised that I take the echoing of characters in NVDA for granted. As I adjusted the various keys with NVDA help mode on, I learned the different functions of the three layers and their related keystrokes.


I realised that I am getting more confused now that I know a little bit! Can anyone suggest how I might get a full and comfortable understanding of how and when to use the numpad keys in NVDA?


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