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That’s for screen review.  After you use it use the command numpad insert numpad 1 to return to object navigation, the default.  I’m talking about desktop layout commands, as are also used in Robert’s message.  I don’t use or know laptop layout commands.
Object navigation is a different way of reviewing the screen.  Depending on how you use the computer, you may need to know it.  My understanding is that it is used in Windows apps, but there may be programs where  it is used as well.
There is training material from NVDA that discusses the different screen reviews.  I haven’t used it and I can’t comment on it.
Also, in some places such as word processors, there is a third review option, document review.  If you use numpad insert insert 7 or 1, you will move to it as you are moving through the modes.  Continue if you don’t want to use it to the mode you want. 

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Basically you use the numpad to review the screen without affecting your active cursor.  Lets say you are in a menu and you need to know the correct spelling or syntax of an item.
1. press nvda+numPad 7 to turn on screen review
the second row with numbers 7 8 9 moves you through a row.
7 moves up
8 reads the currant line
9 moves down
numbers 4 5 6 moves by word
4 moves back
5 reads the currant word (if pressed twice quickly spells the word)
6 moves forward
numbers 1 2 3 moves by letter
1 moves back
2 says the letter the cursor is on (if pressed twice quickly announces the phonetic)
3 moves forward
shift numpad 7 takes you to the top of the screen
shift 9 takes you to the bottom
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I was looking at the numpad on my PC and realised that I take the echoing of characters in NVDA for granted. As I adjusted the various keys with NVDA help mode on, I learned the different functions of the three layers and their related keystrokes.


I realised that I am getting more confused now that I know a little bit! Can anyone suggest how I might get a full and comfortable understanding of how and when to use the numpad keys in NVDA?


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